Contents Page Manavaala Mamunigal’s Services to Srivaishnavism 1 Preface to Arthi Prabandham 4 Thaniyans 6 Paasurams 7 Nigamanam 62 ManavALa. It is our pleasure to announce the launching of the “web” release of Arthi Prabandham with Commentary by the Revered Sri Sri Thirumalai. Aarthi prabandham is making us drown in Ramanuja Bakthi, I also heard. that there is a misconception that it was done by Swami Manavala.

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There is no direct reference to Ethiraja.

My living longer is not conducive to lead a righteous life. Enlighten me how the interval between this worldly life and the immortal life in association with the celestials get shortened i. It is well known that Ramanuja formulated Vaishnavite arthi in accordance with the views expressed by Nammazhvar in His prabandhams.

In that case, what else have we got to worry about? I am such a sinner that it is impossible for the Lord to tolerate me.

The abode of all virtues! In addition to driving home the importance of singing the holy names of Ramanuja, Mamunigal also makes passing references to the following topics in this prabandham:. It is here that we need the grace of our Acharyan to cross the river of samsara. In this verse, Manavala Mamunigal refers to Ramanuja as his father, mother, children and all his prized possessions.


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Instead of that, my mind has been chasing worldly riches in an everlasting pursuit of futility. How can he help me? Ramanuja spread Vaishnavism through 74 of his disciples called Simhasamadhipathis. She will adopt various means till he is converted to Her view. You made me realize that being your devotee is important for my upliftment. In order to save the child, she finds herself in the well.

This immortal Wealth is obtained only by the grace of Ramanuja.

All these three categories of people occupy an exalted status when compared to the celestials. So far, my mind has failed to recognize this truth.

Will the preceptors beginning with Sri. There is nobody in this world except myself in doing wicked acts and there is nobody in this world except you in condoning all sins committed by mortals. How will przbandham be possible for Ramanuja being in similar circumstances in the ocean of samasara to lift you up as you desire?

Aarthi Prabandham

Ramanuja, even above Sri. Like a neem tree which augments its bitterness with the passage of time, my body has been aggregating bad karma with time. Who else do I have but you to protect me? Day in and day out, I keep gratifying myself with all the sensory pleasures that my body gets attracted to.


If you manage to do all of these, you will be automatically blessed with liberation. By doing so, we can expect Ramanuja, who is like a father to my teacher Thiruvaimozhippillai, to recognize our devotion to our teacher and bless us with a place in paramapadham.

Even though I was a sinner due to wickedness as a result of Karma, Oh Ethiraja! Their association with the Lord is eternal. In the course of time further exposition will follow to the extent of my very limited knowledge.

Ranganachiyar and his pirattis Bhoo and Neela devis forgive me? Can I survive this ordeal? There, Atma is received by the Lord with great affection, gets seated and finally merged aarhti eternally.

Sri Manavaala Mamunigal

This stanza summarizes the purpose of His Avatar. Oh Ramanuja, I realised the eternal bliss of my association with you due to the grace of my Acharya Srisailesha. Even if the Lord gives up, His consort piraatti would not give up.