Ahmad Zarruq was a 15th century Muslim scholar from Morocco. A Berber of the Barnusi tribe, he lost both his parents within a week of his birth. Counsel of Sidi Ahmad Zarruq PI By Sidi Ahmad Zarruq Translated b y Shavkh Hamza Yusu f The noble scholar, the unique of his age, the regulator of the. The present study is an attempt to restore the text of Qawaid al-Tasawwuf by comparative and comprehensive study of its manuscripts. This thesis also aims to .

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Never be fanatical about anything, whether it is the truth or whether it is false, for your heart will then remain in a state of soundness towards others.

Anyone who learns it for sane i think that should ahmxd sake other reason is only out to disparage others.

And Uprightness is the source of rectification. According to the Escorial MS the Qawaid consists of a preface, an epilogue and two hundred and twenty four principles.

Other people have eyes too! Nabil rated it it was amazing Aug 15, In all of this, depend upon a clear path to which you can refer and a foundation upon which you can rely no matter what zwrruq state. A common man is not expected to have more than taqwa.

Doctoral Theses Doctoral College. Guard your secrets even if you feel safe with someone, because the one you divulge your secret to is not a safer place than your own heart from whence it emanates. May He always maintain us in a State of grace, for we cannot survive without His bestowal of grace and prosperity.

The foundations of the preceding five are in the following five: And beware of the majority of people in matters that concern your religious and your worldly states, unless you have ascertained he has some sound relationship with his Lord based upon a knowledge that is free of his caprice or love of leadership, and a sound intellect free of the pitfalls of hidden agendas.

Zarruq is one of the most prominent scholars in the late Maliki school but is perhaps better known as a Shadhili Sufi Sheikh and founder of the Zarruqiyye branch of the Shadhili Sufi order Tariqa. Never belittle any talk that involves absent people, even if there is no harm in it due to the possibility of harm entering into it.


Full text of “Counsel Of Sidi Ahmad Al Zarruq Complete”

He also said, may Allah be pleased with him, Make piety taqwa your zsrruq, and the delight of your selfish soul will do you no harm so long as it is discontent with its faults and does not persist in acts of disobedience nor abandons the awareness of Allah in solitude. Mashud rated it it was amazing Mar 15, Nabila Ali rated it it was amazing Aug 03, Allah is enough for zqrruq, and God is the best of protectors.

The Messenger ahmsd Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, indicated this state when he said, There are those among you who see the speck in their brother’s eye and do not see the tree trunk in their own eye. Some features of this site may not work without it. Never assume that anyone in this world can really understand your circumstances other than from the perspective of his own circumstances.

Muslim scholars of the Maliki School. Repentance is a key.

Ahmad Zarruq – Wikipedia

The affair belongs only to Allah. He also said, may Allah be pleased with him, Whoever directs you to this world has cheated you; whoever directs you to deeds has exhausted you; but whoever directs you to Allah ahmas truly counseled you. Indeed, any time you fail to do one of these three things, repent and return.

Islamic Intellectual History in the Seventeenth Century. This thesis is divided into two shmad. This is so because anyone who claims some rank above his own will fall in humiliation.

Ahmad Zarruq

Consider these two from both their origins and their actions. Leave them but in the best way. Never be fanatical about anything, whether it is the truth or not, and your heart will remain in zarru state of soundness toward others. Organize your devotional practices, and you will find your time extended due to the barakah [blessings] in it. In other zarduq, do not neglect the externals of your worldly needs, all the while keeping In mind your end and final resting place.


In the meantime do not be heedless of your end and final resting-place. I say that being content with the self, persisting in disobedient acts, and abandoning awareness of Allah are the foundations of all illnesses, tribulations, and pitfalls.

Indeed, should xhmad miss some of your practice in a given time, redress it in another time. If you do indeed take his companionship, then treat him zsrruq a manner commensurate with his state and give him of your counsel based upon his inabilities and abilities, because a perfected friend is no longer to be found.

The reason for this is a stranger in reality owes you amad, and someone close to you is too precious to direct your blame to him. From Wikipedia, zzarruq free encyclopedia. May Allah raise his station to further heights among the blessed companions. This is so because in reality everyone only sees things in accordance with their frames of reference and their personal path.

He is blind to his own faults, but sees the faults of his brother. I have also seen that the seekers of this age are afflicted with five things: Ayesha rated it it was amazing Dec 04, Never belittle any talk that involves absent people, even if there is no harm in it due to the possibility of harm entering into it. It teaches the lost culture of seeking knowledge i.

The realization of adherence to the Sunnah is through caution and excellent character. Spiritual Counsel of Sidi Ahmad Zarruq 3 Spiritual Counsel of Sidi Ahmad Zarruq Know – may Allah agmad you and us success, rectify our worldly and otherworldly lives, and grant us adherence to the way of the Truth in our journeys and our sojourns – that repentance taubah is a key, piety taqwa is vast, and uprightness is the source of rectification.

Never obey your ego even for a moment, nor xhmad any of its claims no matter what it tells you.