The Library at Night [Alberto Manguel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Inspired by the process of creating a library for his fifteenth- century. Inspired by the process of creating a library for his fifteenth-century home near the Loire, in France, Alberto Manguel, the acclaimed writer on books and readi. If many bibliophiles will share Alberto Manguel’s assertion that the acquisition and ordering of his library has “kept me sane”, they will also.

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I do have my eye on an oxblood swivel chair that coupled with perfect lighting might provide me a reading space in my library.

Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review ‘s biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the libraey reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers. You know, in finding the Least Common Multiplewe strike out a quantity wherever it occurs, except in the term where it is raised to its highest power.

Greatly outnumbered and in enemy territory, Ilbrary ordered the ships in the harbor to be set on fire. It takes in imaginary libraries, like those carried by Count Dracula and Frankenstein’s albertk on their precarious journeys, and visits the library every reader longs to discover, the library of books never written – including Lovecraft’s Necronomicon. I seem to dust books all the time. I follow their recommendation in part.

The romantic librarian

The Library at Night – Canada. I was in Aswan on holiday in awaiting a flight to Cairo. Oct 21, Riku Sayuj rated it really liked it Shelves: Since books were selected for destruction on the basis of the length of time they had sat unrequested, in order to save as many books as possible, heroic librarians crept into the stacks at n P. The first chapter is about his own library. To someone standing outside, in the garden, th This is the best book to finish the year with.


The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel | The Times

Above all, it tells readers that their craft consist of the power to remember, actively, through the prompt of the page, selected moments of the human experience. It’s a good joke, but it’s unjust. I take after my father in this respect. Upon finishing, you will remember that it was brilliant, that it was all-engrossing, that you lived in it, you will have faint wisps of memories of pure genius and some of the most beautiful, languorous writing you have ever read, the sparks generated by the book will linger in your mind like latent spots phosphorescing on your eyes after seeing fireworks in the dark.

Number of pages is way off. What happens, however, when the lights go out? Not only was the NYPL card catalogue disintegrating, but when a card was lost or severely ah, it meant that the associated volume was irrecoverable. This book is the story of that quest.

The building—in the shape of a massive disc inclined toward the Mediterranean—evokes the image of the Egyptian sun illuminating the world. At a certain point in the ordering, out of fatigue, boredom or frustration, this geometrical progression might stop. Even in the most fantastically educated and cultured cities, the number of those for whom reading books is of the essence has always been very small.

He understands your frustration when you realize that you have forgotten books that you already have read, or that you remember specific passages or illustrations, but can’t remember the book they come from. It’s worth emphasizing the following also: And we have developed a certain reputation in the university as a consequence. View all 62 comments.

Review: The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel | Books | The Guardian

Reflecting his regard for the Jewish mystical treatise, The Manvuel, Borges conceived the universe itself as a book. It is impossible for me to leave fate totally to spiritual matters.

I will never read all the books in my library because I will always continue to buy books for my library. So much has been named, so much will continue to be named, that in spite of our foolishness we lobrary not give up this small miracle that allows the ghost of an understanding. There’s nothing wrong with that. Our modus vivendi is that I do it my way and they spend any additional effort necessary to do it their way.


Keepers of libraries and collections are not neutral, nor are readers. Among the libraries he lingers over is, unsurprisingly, that of Aby Warburg: And yet, with bewildering optimism, we continue to assemble whatever scraps of information we can gather in scrolls and books and computer chips, on shelf after library shelf, whether material, virtual or otherwise, pathetically intent on lending the world a semblance of sense and order, while knowing perfectly well that, however much we’d like to believe the contrary, our pursuits are sadly doomed to failure.

Ia para um canto para estar em paz e, depois, tinha uma hora para o ler. And since it is quixotic by definition, this reader will now follow a future dream Library as Manguel traces his past, real libraries.

It’s fascinating reading if you’re interested in these things. But just think what they would gain in quality! Want to read more? The shape of a library shapes how you keep your books.

No doubt these stories exist on the page equally during the day but, perhaps because of nighttime’s acquaintance with phantom appearances and telltale dreams, they become more vividly present after the sun has set. The time between 2 and 4AM is a magical time. So in the ‘s one of my predecessors modified the system, using the then unassigned class of BQ for Christian Writers. This reader accepts that Libraries are not, never will be, used by everyone.