Battlelords of the 23rd Century is a science fiction RPG owned and produced by SSDC inc. I have GM’ed two long campaigns of Battlelords in. Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century – Battlelords is a sci-fi roleplaying game that mixes a bureaucratic Alliance and manipulative. Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century Game. likes ยท 5 talking about this. Sci- fi roleplaying game of mercenaries, heroes, misfits, and explorers.

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The centur inspired a collectible card game named Battlelords released in Core Rules and additional prior PDF content will ship approx. Some races have “matrix abilities” psionics which can also be advanced with character experience, while other races are more suited for physical combat or other occupations.

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Battlelords give you an entire universe to make your own; a completely original and un-tethered setting that is yours to unfold. This provides greater flexibility and realism than traditional d The cover here below is near final. Combat is fast, deadly, and realistic. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century

You’ll also get the 6th edition Battlelords PDF. Battlelords of the 23rd Century”. Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century is a sci-fi roleplaying game of mercenaries, heroes, misfits, and explorers out amongst the stars – where you play one of over 25 alien races hired by ecntury mega-corporation and thrown into a mercenary unit.


At least that is what the papers say. The production process for the book is underway. We invite you to further explore, and contribute, to the Battlelords universe via our wiki. They are featured in several tables including a racial specific table and a job specific table which is chosen by the player. Each character can perform two half actions or one full action in a 3-second round.

Store owners will be able to pick up product through distributors. We ship almost anywhere in the world!

The Ram just charged out of the trench. Battlelords, Seventh Edition Print Less. It not only encompasses the eight Vital Statistics and four Secondary Statistics, which are generated using d percentile dice, but allows for determining events from the characters past. Are you a Battlelord?

There are many alien races in the Battlelords universe, but twelve are presented in the basic rulebook and form the basis for the Galactic Alliance.

The 7th edition PDF will ship when the book is sent to final print. Please see FAQ for shipping clarifications and a description of the book’s contents. A Keen scouting for danger. The book is estimated to be pages with color artwork in a hardback, lay flat, Smyth sewn binding. Battlelords is all about releasing your imagination. Shipping included for the US, for other countries there will be a shipping cost in addition to your pledge amount.


Everyone has their own agenda, but destiny has drawn bttlelords misfits together. Some expand on the matrx abilities of the various races or add extra skills, others go into detail behind a races past and customs. Core Rules and additional PDF content will ship approx.

A number of printed supplements are available for the game, including three equipment manuals, a vehicle rulebook, three space atlases, three player companion accessories, a beastiary, and an alternate campaign setting. In the twenty-third century the Humans have joined the other member races in the Alliance, a loose defense organization formed to protect the member races from the encroaching Arachnids and their minions.

Share this project Done. We’ll retain final editing rights and copyright on the content created, and get final approval on the name and design.

What is Battlelords?

centurg These rules are planned for forthcoming supplements. As ofthe system does not feature rules for space combat. The territory of the Galactic Alliance, spanning several galaxies, is the primary setting for the game.