CityTech is a FASA wargame first published in and set in the BattleTech fictional universe. CityTech was the first official expansion to the BattleTech board . Citytech: The Battletech Game of Urban Combat [BOX SET] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Citytech: The Battletech Game of Urban. CityTech is an urban conflict roleplay game for two or more players, ages 12 and up. In the year , General Aleksandr Kerensky led the Star League Defense.

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CityTech Battletech 1st Edition FASA Complete RPG | eBay

Bought a 3rd Ed. I agree it takes different techniques for different materials and not everyone is willing to learn the techniques, but I do think that some of the disgust is because the cleaning process is so hard with that 3rd edition plastic and battldtech that’s done you still have to deal with all the rest of the issues with the casting so folks just think why bother.

Cazaril, I have to disagree somewhat about placing the fault on the user because of the techniques bartletech to clean the 3rd edition mechs. FASA published a second edition in As for comparing them to the newer minis, I agree with Feenix I agree with the comments of others about some of the QC problems.


Oh, that is neat, and something I didn’t know before.

Were the PlasTech almost as bad? Ronin Actual on 24 March From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

They were my “beater mechs” for those unplained games with friends. Hengist Lieutenant Colonel Posts: The only way I really got GS to stick on the old 3rd ed stuff was to really rough up the area you are putting it down.

And I’m not alone in all this Those casts were absolutely wretched and have major issues with vents, collapsed or warped sections, soft details and miscasts.

And there is the rub. For those that have never seen all the PlasTech minis, I found this over at Sarna Cittytech Warrant Officer Posts: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I hacked the lower arms of the Daishi next to it to get my PPCs. And speaking of the Catapult, cityetch is one of my three favorite Mechs from that set also although is it really that fat? It is just battleetech little unfair except in the case of the I.

The Mad Cat was already missing, but the other seven members were available. Because the panel lines are shallow and not crisply defined, the standard “Basecoat, wash, drybrush, done” that a lot of people like to use doesn’t work so well with these.

Later i got a Citytechframe.

The remnants of the Daishi still await their fate, but i think they will end like the Centurion which ended as kill under the feet of a Nightsky. This time the problem is painting. The last one I did came out looking like this It takes the paint off of the Vinyl very quickly, only a couple hours or so and it’s out of all but the worst recesses. Cleaning up the 3rd Edition takes some work, and worse yet, a slightly different skill set then the metal or hard plastic ones Until today only the Uller and the Nova have been modded and painted.


CityTech Battletech 1st Edition FASA 1608 Complete RPG

Found almost a full box set of Plastechs in a miniatures bargain bin at a comic store in Eugene, Oregon, mid 90’s. Yes, but for different reasons NeonKnight on 24 March The other three batt,etech more or less forgotten, but at least the totally ugly Orion will end as battle damage sooner or later. But again, working with the PlasTech minis is a little different than the metal versions Cutytech there an upper limit to how good they can look? As for the PlasTech ones