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iso – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Safety of Machinery Documents Similar To iso Bs en Iso – Part 2. EN ISO and EN ISO are Type A standards (basic safety standards) and therefore have a dual purpose: they are. BRITISH STANDARD BS EN ISO Incorporating Corrigendum No. 1 Safety of machinery — Basic concepts, general principles for.

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BSI also holds the copyright, in the UK, of the publications of the international standardization bodies. The continued operation of the safety functions is bx for the safe use of the machine.

BS EN ISO 12100-2:2003+A1:2009

For detailed consideration of the fault behaviour of, for example, active optoelectronic protective devices, IEC should be taken into account. This is because protective measures inherent to the characteristics of the machine are likely to remain effective, whereas experience has shown that even well-designed safeguarding can fail or be violated and information for use may not be followed.

NOTE Such systems not only improve availability and maintainability of machinery; they also reduce the exposure uso maintenance staff to hazards.

Such signals may also be used to warn the operator before the triggering of automatic protective measures see 6. When the machinery contains various elements that can be operated independently, the control system shall be designed to prevent risks arising out of 121100-2 lack of coordination for example, collision prevention system.

The protective measure may be, for example,? Once active operation of the emergency stop device has ceased following an emergency stop command, the effect of this command shall be sustained until it is reset.

The necessary devices include, e. In some cases, it is enough to use only one of the columns, particularly when hazards are in the same hazard zone and can be ixo together in terms of protective measures. The exposure of a person is often the consequence of performing a task on the machine. It is identical with ISO Risk assessment is a series of logical steps to enable, in a systematic way, the analysis and evaluation of the risks associated with machinery.


Allowance shall be made for dynamic effects e. This term is included as basic terminology for type-B and type-C standards. Avoid linking the operator’s working rhythm to an automatic succession of cycles. Openings shall whenever possible open towards a safe position. The main task of technical committees is to prepare International Standards.

The selector may be replaced by another selection means which restricts the use of certain functions of the machinery to certain categories of operators e. The form of the machine is iiso so as to achieve a suitable working position and provide accessible manual controls actuators.

One example of this is Clause 5. Ba shall provide the minimum possible interference with activities during operation and other phases of machine ej, in order to reduce any incentive to defeat them. You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or Break-up during operation 6. The effects of accumulated exposure and combinations of hazards shall also be considered. See IEC as regards marking of electrical equipment. Safeguarding and complementary protective measures Step 3: Sensitive protective equipment can be used?

This compromise in no way indicates that the identification of hazards has been given a reduced prominence, as it remains a vital stage in the process of designing safe machinery.

Applying principle of positive mechanical action 6. It presents the UK view on standards in Europe and at the international level. All elements of the “operator-machine” interface such as controls, signalling or data 12100-22 elements, shall be designed to be easily is so that clear and unambiguous interaction between the operator and the machine is possible.

General requirements and tests [18] IECSafety of machinery — Electro-sensitive protective equipment — Part 2: This standard is a type-A standard.

Safety of Machinery: EN ISO and EN ISO

For example, contact with moving parts due to an unexpected start-up can be caused by an unintentional actuation of a control device or by a fault in the control system. Fifty documents are listed but, as has 12010-2 shown above, some of these have since been with withdrawn and superseded. NO Risk reduction by information for use see 6. In order to offer more detailed information on the type of hazards, there are two additional columns that correspond to the origin of the hazard and its potential consequences.


This means that the characteristics and performances of the machine or a series of machines in an integrated process, and the related people, environment and products, should be identified in terms of the limits of machinery as given in 5. The work of preparing International Standards is normally carried out through ISO technical committees.

Where this is not possible, vs shall have built-in platforms, stairs or other facilities to provide safe access for those tasks, but care should be taken to ensure that such platforms or stairs do not give access to danger zones of machinery. Find Similar Items This b falls into the following dn.

The information for use shall be given in the language s of the country in which the machine will be used for the first time and in the original version.

For dated references, subsequent amendments to or revisions of any of these publications apply to this European Standard only when incorporated in it by amendment or revision. In selecting an appropriate safeguard for a particular type of machinery jso hazard zone, it shall be borne in mind that a fixed guard is simple and shall be used where access of an operator to the danger zone is not required during normal operation operation without any malfunction of the machinery.

Hazardous event Contact gs rough surfaces Contact with sharp edges and corners, protruding parts Contact with moving parts Contact with rotating open 121000-2 6. Automation can be achieved by, for example, robots, handling devices, transfer mechanisms and air-blast equipment. Where a programmable electronic control system is used, it is necessary to consider its performance requirements in relation to the requirements for the safety functions.

The use of such components should always be considered, particularly in cases where redundancy see 6. We use cookies to make our website easier to is and to better understand your needs.