Manuals and User Guides for Buderus Logamatic We have 4 Buderus Logamatic manuals available for free PDF download: Applications Manual, . Buderus. HYDRONIC SYSTEMS. Operating Instructions. Logamatic R The Logamatic R controls the entire system based on your specific heating. Logamatic Controls – Buderus Logamatic Control The Logamatic has the ability to control a boiler (V or dry contact), a pump or multi-.

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‎BWC for heating system on the App Store

The indoor sensor provides direct feedback to the control and allows it to lower the water temperature, increase the spacing between firing cycles, and generally optimize the whole system for efficiency and comfort. That’s what indoor sensors do. The house is a sq.

Heating Circuit Data So the downside is that just using the outdoor sensor is limiting the control in what it can do to make the whole system perform at peak efficiency. Xiphias, this seems contrary to your recommendation to use an indoor sensor.

I’m getting the updated proposal tmrw. One warm day about a week ago, the boiler ran down to F read off of the variable speed pump’s display, so it was likely hitting PUMPLOGIC of Fand the air handlers were working just fine, albeit with longer, softer heat cycles and air that felt cool coming out of the upstairs air vents, but it was heating and cycling off.


Buderus Logamatic Manuals

I just can’t imagine much of any savings from turning DHW off, as the heat loss from the Phase III is very low to begin with, and the difference in heat loss by not keeping it at temp is going to be negligible in the entire system. Slow and steady wins the race. Time, Correcting The Accuracy You really want to pay that every time the boiler fires? What you are after is “right-sizing” and choosing the right controls to give you the performance and comfort you deserve from all the homework you’ve been doing.

Kinda funny that my house has been running fine on an oversized boiler that’s not getting enough combustion air for literally decades.

Changing The Standard Display Boiler may not be able to get the house warm enough on the coldest days. One installer recommended adding an outside air kit for fresh air from the outside wall directly to the burner for proper combustion in a “confined space”. I’m considering that controller for a conventional heater with multiple baseboard zones.

With the indoor sensor, the control will be able to see the actual room temperature and track its progress toward setpoint during the morning recovery. Not so true with forced hot air, which is where setback typically makes the most sense. You are covered by logamafic eBay Money Back Guarantee if you receive an item that is not as described in the listing.

Sun comes up, temperature rises 5 or more degrees, heat load drops, and poof it’s over and you never even noticed.


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It’s a stock item from Beacon-Morris. I mentioned to my wife yesterday that all 3 installers recommended a boiler that was oversized for our house. One quick comment, busy tonight!

Trying to hook up tire changer motor to switch. When the burner fires, without the air intake, it pulls air from every nook and cranny in the home, burns it and shoots it up the chimney.

They have no need for it, as their system has Cryotek buserus in it for freeze protection of the attic air handler and piping. Buderus Logamatic Applications Manual 72 pages Modular control system for floor standing boilers with indoor reset, outdoor reset, mixed zones, and solar DHW capability.

Condenser fan starts and then shuts down immediately. That way I could first gauge how much oil I saved by just putting in the new boiler…. Entering A Vacation Program Does it necessarily need to go next to one of the existing thermostats? If it does, would it be useful for adjustments based on wind conditions, even though the actual degrees displayed may not end up meaning anything with hydro air, they would just become arbitrary reference points?

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