Cannibal Contagion is a game of mental stress and violent survival against hordes of These pages contain a complete role-playing game, with rules detailing. Cannibal Contagion follows the current, and approved, trend of smaller game publishers producing journal-sized books as complete games. Source for the Cannibal Contagion RPG by N. Phillip Cole.

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It fpg very easy to take the space scenario in the back of the Dread book and just rehash it to fit the Alien universe, and exchange the many monsters for just one monster actually two, as revealed right at the end of the game. A disease characterized by a hardening of the brain tissues precipitated by the cyberization process. The strain is cured, again, by intense logic and wisdom.

List of fictional diseases – Wikipedia

Hank Hill is a sufferer. Called the “Noisy Killer”. GURPS can do anything. A disease that is caused if a person is touched by a monkey. The host eventually loses their humanity and becomes violently hungry, seeking the salty blood of others. Apparently it can only be cured and prevented by lima beans.

The plague causes most krogan pregnancies to end in stillbirth, with most fetuses never even reaching that stage of development. In humans it developed symptoms including, headache, sore throat, fever, vomiting, red eyes, coughing and finally death. The first symptom of the disease is usually a painful rash, which contxgion into a scabby or weeping wound.

The disease spreads cross-species xannibal was initially discovered in a dead dog. Exposure to the virus is also known to be fatal in many cases. Several decades later, the crew of new Enterprise is infected by what seems to be the same disease, and in this instance, it proves spreadable by mere touch and is able to infect Data, an android. A biological weapon engineered and released by the Norsefire party as a means of clandestinely gaining control over their own country. Bulma creates a cure for this virus so that Trunks can take it back in time to save Goku and stop the androids.


I keep a pad of sticky notes around, so that I can write the conditions down and put them in front of players.

Cannibal Contagion – RPG Review

Some people blame the gods. The imagined symptoms are as follows. Its early symptoms include a rash, and it is quickly fatal.

Mostly affects children due to their weaker constitutions. Thousands of years later, Darth Vader commissioned the Empire ‘s bioweapons division to recreate the virus. With this said, some of those infected by the virus may mutate into various creatures. In the second stage, the victim’s body heat will go up dramatically, followed by loss of movement in the legs and furious chills. A fun house rule I did in one of my Dread games: In an example, one of the characters found a handgun.

The cure was never found, despite Gerald’s xontagion at creating the ultimate life form. Characters stats are simple: Discovered, contracted and possibly created by viral contagiin Hildeguard Lanstrom, this nasty condition can only be passed between holograms. By deliberately mismatching words with their meanings, a cure was found. Some say that the sky pirate captain Cloud Wolf who perished in the Mother Storm somehow infected her and the Stone-sickness is a result of his pestilence.

In early beginnings it allows the victim to gain crystal-like wings and fly until the disease is destroyed.


List of fictional diseases

The Sith academy on Odacin-Fauster was wiped out by the plague. The infection soon spread to eliminate the entire population of Britain save a few lucky individuals who managed to survive.

It can kill in a matter of two days. En route, the tanks leaked and the Destroyer’s crew was zombified. It’s the best way I’ve ever seen of making players actually feel the heightened emotions and terror you canmibal when watching a good horror movie. They contwgion seem to drool blood constantly, due to the virus causing massive amounts of adrenaline to be pumped through the body, giving the infected heightened strength and endurance, to the point where they are able to completely overlook devastating injuries, such as loss of limbs.

The brain cloud has no symptoms — apart from quickly and painlessly killing in about six months. Centuries canbibal, Darth Scabrous successfully completed Drear’s unfinished work, but accidentally modified it into a semi-sentient hive mind that creates zombies.

However, the story involves a woman who secretly turns out to be pregnant and, as a result, holds the only hope of survival in her child who is immune to the epidemic. It even has rules for spaceship construction. Over 11 cahnibal worldwide are affected of this condition. A medical condition that prevents a male from having a normal sperm count, due to their urethra being smaller than an ordinary man.

Symptoms include coughing, shortness of breath, and temporary disappearance of extremities.