The caracol represents the ideals of an autonomous Zapatista government with direct reference to a distant Maya past on two levels, and. Para conocer la historia y el trabajo de los Caracoles, las Juntas de Buen Gobierno y de los Caracoles Zapatistas se retoma la palabra del al anunciar su. Professor Marissa Forbis, a Chiapas veteran, explains the current arrangement in the Zapatista caracoles in more detail during a recent.

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The people have the knowledge. Councils of Good Government.

Enlace Civil A.C.

A History of the Zapatista Movement. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Health is one of the areas where the most progress has been made here in Zapatista territory. The money came from a caracolee project in the zone.

What is Zapatista Autonomy?

Autonomous education has been functioning here since and now a total of education delegates give classes to 2, pupils in seven municipalities. After the assassination of Mexican presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio inthe future turned cloudy, the region was closed off, and the spotlights moved away from the mountains of Chiapas.

During Schools for Chiapas we will produce and distribute an instructional video about the carbon-sink Food Forest farming taking place at Zapatista schools in Chiapas, Mexico. Permanent autonomous zonetemporary autonomous zoneanarchist community projects.

To do this, schools are starting classes in health and agro-ecology. To resolve this and other problems there are health representatives in each of the four autonomous townships who meet every two months to coordinate the work in the zone.

It is not a lot, but compared to the other Boards it has the largest presence of women in government. They all have a blackboard, desks, the Mexican flag and, of course, the Zapatista flag, and some have tape recorders and other teaching tools. And seven years later we now have three classes of education promoters able to give classes in their villages.


This is a rebel region, a place of poverty and extreme marginalization, and also the Zapatista territory most visited by people from all over the world. Anastasio, an elderly Tzotzil Zapatista, is the director of general health at the Guadalupana clinic—one of the first established by the EZLN. Real Education Even with the delays in building schools and training promoters, there are now four townships with autonomous education in their communities.

It is also the only zone zxpatistas has a training center for promoters in each autonomous municipality and not just one for the whole zone. Anarchists have argued that the Zapatista communities have not taken enough effort to fully abolish the capitalist practices of wage laborrent and multinational investment from their communities.

Official education tells us that there caarcoles poor people and rich people and that poverty is our lot. An End to the Use of Insecticides and Chemical Fertilizers The land is one of the issues of most concern to the people.

Even with the delays in building schools and training promoters, there are now four townships with autonomous education in their communities. There is no standard way that these representatives are chosen — the autonomy is indeed autonomous — but frequently they are people who have served as community authorities, proven themselves, and then been selected to serve at a higher level.

How do the Autonomous Municipalities function?

Family income began to fall as a result. It is also the only one of the five Zapatista zones that has a secondary school in each municipality—seven in total.

They are looked after there by nuns who in were threatened with death by the local bosses and ranch owners who accused them of the terrible crime of opening the hospital doors to anyone who knocked. In total,pesos were spent to support various activities. These young, enthusiastic professionals go from village to village offering massage and training so that when they leave, others can carry on their work. The economy is largely self-reliant zapatiistas agricultural, producing mainly cornzaapatistascoffeebananassugarcattlechickens zzpatistas, pigs and clothing at cooperatives.


But little by little women are waking up and realizing that they have a right to take part in other experiences. Instead, the Zapatistas are clear that autonomy for them is not about separation but respecting traditions and customs usos y costumbres with power being exercised on a community level, as the community sees fit. The caracoes generation of primary children has already graduated, and they have now taken courses to make sure everyone is ready to start the next grade.

As promoters we have to continue with our work. It has a long central street running through it, where new buildings seem to pop up all the time—cooperatives, the offices of caracooes autonomous municipality and of the Good Government Board, the health clinic, an auditorium, and dormitories.

Celebrating the Caracoles | Schools for Chiapas

While darkness reigns in the political realm north and south of rebel territory—writes John—the Zapatistas, as their old revolutionary hymn proclaims, keep advancing on the horizon. The Workings of Zapatista Government”. Happy New Years from the entire Schools for Chiapas team www. The Board members caracolss that.