Earth System Science & Environmental Engineering Mechanical Engineering Curriculum sheets are maintained by the Office of Undergraduate Affairs. Mechanical Engineering students at City College pursue undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees through carefully designed programs that meet. The City College offers the following undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering: B.E.. Requirements for Major Mechanical Engineering majors must complete the following: (Curriculum Sheet). Math and Science Requirements.

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We are a startup incubator located at the City College of New York offering co-working space and an array of resources including: We inspire CCNY students to approach their education as changemakers, transforming classroom learning into real-world application. Each semester we partner with various academic departments to create curricula to cultivate the mechanlcal mindset. We also pair students with startups and other companies in the NYC area through our robust internship program.


We invite all entrepreneurial thinkers to join our diverse community by attending our public events. We also encourage students to join one of our startup teams or become a part of the Center through the Entrepreneurship Student Club.

Curriculum Reform in Mech. Engr.

As an intrapreneur, Kesia developed and launched innovative businesses within several organizations. She is building a movement for women founders at CCNY.

Devin has been working in the Interactive world for 14 years helping businesses leverage the power of mobile, social and big data solutions. He’s thrilled to share his knowledge with our startups.

School of Engineering

Anna is a student advocate with over 12 years of experience in higher education which includes a background in admissions. She connects students with invaluable internships in the NYC area. Steven is a passionate individual experienced in operations, the arts, and community involvement. He keeps the lights on and the energy level high.

Aulio is a mechanical engineer and CCNY alum with a passion for helping others build stuff that works.


Katherine is a dynamic communicator with a passion for sharing ideas. Joe, a professor of Electrical Engineering and former Dean of Engineering, is a key mentor to our student entrepreneurs. Devin Voorsanger Managing Director.

Anna Hutcheson Program Manager. Steven Monzon Operations Manager. Aulio Diaz Lead Engineer. Katherine Olives Program Associate.