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This category designation cannot be made without site investigations with sampling and analytical results of affected environmental media. Ordnance fired this rage: Presence of radon in A.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Gas mask test chamber CL on one side, CS on the other. No fuel tanks at Pelham range air field. He was told by his superiors cdrfa this material was very dangerous. M with tracer WP. Training utilized only the simulant MR in this area from to Did store agent in the igloos as well. All practice grenades are recovered and reused. TRPH exceeds groundwater criteria.


No requirements for night firing. Good for firing stimulant rounds because round has same ballistics.

Old HD-filled 55 gal drum Mr. Chemical school used much of Main Post for training before “settling into a few areas”. Vehicle Maintenance, wash 3361, oil water separator. Constructed between and Trees appeared to be 20 to 25 yrs old at that time indicating range abandoned approx. Analysis of Hazardous Wastes.

An EOD training area was located near the atomic simulator. Sheridan tank pegged minicam even after the tank had been painted. Asbestos in most buildings on post: AEHA survey did not i. Davis is not 33316 of any dumping sites officially established on Main Post, or unofficially used to any significant degree.

Identified agent and decontaminated. This report is unconfirmed; see K. Sample water in 20, gallon tank.

6.0 CERFA Findings

Hedrick’s tenure though some may have landed cdrfa stopped-over at FTMC for brief periods. He doesn’t recall exactly where this is or what type of training occurred here; may have used live agent.


Most recently used as communications training area, no live fire. The lab was constructed of cinder block and sandbags.

Old UST was emptied, removed, stored on site for several years, then disposed of. Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Programs.

Penetrator testing done at Pelham in early ’50’s. Used to expose troops to small concentrations for recognition purposes. One dog died of mysterious causes approx Taught operation of the decontamination truck here. One diesel tank, one waste oil UST Diesel and waste oil are stored here.