Coldheart Canyon: A Hollywood Ghost Story [Clive Barker] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Film’s most popular action hero needs a place. [Clive Barker] is a mapmaker of the mind, charting the farthest reaches of the imagination.”— Share This Title: Coldheart Canyon. Read a Sample. A novel written by Clive Barker, Coldheart Canyon centers around a failing action hero who goes in for plastic surgery in an attempt to revitalize his career.

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On the other hand there are times the novel evokes the magic of this place.

I’m blanking on the main character’s name, the big movie star Todd something Finally, there’s just too much here. Your just being long winded and self-important.

I am more than sure that Barker included most clodheart this because of some overwhelming desire to shock. The thing is this book is beautifully written, it’s just not a very good story. The house belonged to one Katya Lupi, a former Hollywood canyin of the Golden Age of the Twenties and down at the bottom of the house is a room, or a world, or a world within a world. Even by so ungenerous a light as the bare bulbs threw upon them, and viewed by Zeffer’s weary eyes, it was clear they were of incredible sophistication and beauty.

What I promise you is that it will give you an insider’s glimpse into how Hollwood works. Barker is a master weaver of sensual delights and canypn scenarios that captivate our most basis human instincts. Barekr read enough of his work to know. Jun 19, Stephan barket der Linde rated it really liked it. My model is Dickens, who shamelessly moved from pieces of satire to pieces of warm and cheery sentiment, and so Coldheart Canyon is my attempt to go after that.


The palace grounds are in habited by ghosts and their offspring created by their liasons with animals.

Coldheart Canyon

When alive, these stars and their colleagues were drawn by the beautiful, rapacious film star Katya Lupi to her magnificent home in Los Angeles’s Coldheart Canyon. Also, there’s quite a bit of erotica here – if you like that sort of thing It’s not a short novel. It makes for one of my only Clive Barker disappointments. Views Read Edit View history. Coldhewrt a book about Hollywood.

The curse that goes to the tiles are soon to fall on him, but will those around him help him in time? It resides on the base level of exploring the “darkest parts of the human psyche. Lists with This Book. Starting out so real, you could actually hear the conversations in your head they were so believable.

I had a few major issues with this book though, that really, seriously put a dampener on my enjoyment. And yet I stay in it because I like movies. Why get edgy now?

Clive on Coldheart Canyon

View Full Version of PW. Except is goes wrong, and he ends up abrker scarred and needs a place to hide out for a while so he can heal. While the protagonist, Todd is trying out sort out his Past and Coldgeart pla I have read nearly the entire collection of Clive Barker novels in existence. It would have been a much more enjoyable read had Barker decided to leave out all the bumf.

The thing was I found I didn’t care about the main characters, the only part I liked was the bit with the dog. He rarely spends more than a couple of pages on a sex scene or some grossout violence. The magic of California, the magic of the sky, a certain time of day, the smell in the air. Return to Book Page. Coldheart Canyon coldheaet a clear example of what happens when a brilliant, literary mind sits down to create long, great work.


Coldheart Canyon by Clive Barker

This has great splashes of the horror and fantastic with a torrent of erotica lavishly poured over the top. Definitely one of my favourites. Todd, Tammie and the history of bad and sexy Katya.

There is also a mysterious woman who owns the house and has control of the secrets locked within the walls. Tammie, the chubby founder of Todd’s fanclub who is in love with himgets hints of his new whereabouts, and is looking for him through the desert nearby This is about bagker Todd Pickett, whose career comes somewhat to a dead end. With coldhesrt satirical eye on the shallow vanity of the rich and famous, Barker creates the character of Todd Pickett; a hugely famous and adored movie star whose age is beginning to catch up with him.

It wasn’t easy, playing yourself If you let your attention drop for a moment, there was nothing there for the camera to look at. But, um, I’ll just change the names and you’ll know anyway. Here, nursing his wounds and his desperation, he discovers what the history of the Dream Factory has long concealed: There are many things about Hollywood I love, and I want to make sure the book expresses my love-hate relationship”.

Clivw, on occasion, which I could read on the pages of The National Enquirer. The novel starts barkfr, setting down the fabric from which this intricate tale with be woven.

The story begins in Romania during the s, where poverty and disease run rampant.