Stephen Toulmin: Cosmópolis. El trasfondo de la modernidad. Península, Barcelona, ; y Stephen Toulmin: Regreso a la razón. Península, Barcelona, Buy Cosmopolis – El Trasfondo de La Modernidad by Stephen Toulmin (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free. Libros de Segunda Mano – Pensamiento – Otros: Cosmopolis. el trasfondo de la modernidad – stephen toulmin – peninsula. Compra, venta y subastas de Otros.

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The book should just be title Not a book to recommend to casual readers OR historians.

While fueling extraordinary advances in all fields of human endeavor, this vision perpetuated a hidden yet persistent agenda: It’s the kind of book that I wish had been a lecture or traxfondo instead so that I could say things like, “Well, what did you mean by this? And Stephen seems to be expecting Gorbachev to be around much longer than he was.

Stephen Toulmin

Race, expressivity, power, and the darker side of modernity. Vol 17 No 3 This is a neat strategy because it shows how those factors influence the ideas that are kosher to broach and work on among communities that include not just isolated thinkers, but active diplomats, leaders, and socialites. Books by Stephen Toulmin. The coloniality of language: Fair enough but he’s not convincing that the children of that elite have strong practical reasons to soften their surface allegiance lw the “logic” of “scientific” “rationalism”.

Ch Four From tothe unified nation-state was the central component of political identity. Ch One Toulmin enters his re-narration of Modernity by searching out more definite beginning and end points for Modernity. Toulmin suggests that the 17th century actually witnessed a restriction of rationality, from an Aristotelian interest in practical, instantiated science to a Platonic devotion to abstracted theory.


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View all 5 comments. Marcus rated it it was amazing Jun 26, In England, for instance, the Enlightenment project was a conservative force within the political culture; in France of the Encycolpedists, just the opposite—the ongoing Enlightenment trasdondo began to erode its very own foundations.

They also seem to contradict the model of science laid out by Francis Bacon.

View all 3 comments. An excellent critique of the accepted explanation for the Scientific Revolution and the philosophical and political movements that it spawned. I think this book helps me realize all of the ways I’ve truly been influenced by the Enlightenment, even without knowing it, and even to this day–after reading the book. As Toulmin returns to in ch 5, midth-century narrations of Modernity echo ways in which 17th-century folk opted to describe their times.

He is also keen to stress that his is not concerned dee any kind of constructionist trivialism of science or glib anti-rationalism – he was a serious philosopher, not a tuppence ha’penny hack like Bryan Cosmpoliss.el or any of the dozens of dreary windbags with their second-hand never-read references to Kuhn and “scientism”.

Apr 05, Mu-tien Chiou rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Thirty Years War ended with a shell-shocked Europe and the independence of modern nation states from the international authority of the Papacy.

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As an intellectual dinosaur myself, I find that Toulmin offers me comfort even in the context of his withering deconstruction of modernism. Vol 17 No 1 This is an age of humble systems, the age of Lilliput, not Leviathan, an age of ecology, not astrophysics noting that ecology, while ruling meta-metaphor, is essentially open to context in a way that Newton-esque models were not.


That new intellectual arrangement demanded a new worldview to support it, which was found in an analogy with the new cosmology of Newton. Culture broke free from religious strictures. But the history Toulmin lays out undermines that point.

The Abuses of Argument: Science Logic and Mathematics. Print technology expanded literacy. I got the sense in Discovery of Time that Toulmin shared my understanding of postmodernism, particularly in its relationship to science and its evolution over time.

John Roberson rated it liked it Dec 09, This narrative makes a lot of sense of some absurd extremes in philosophy and art like positivism and twelve-tone music. Find it on Scholar. The start of the 17th century saw a Northern Protestant Europe bathed in prosperity and leisure. In short, this study supports the heartfelt [Christian] humanism of Erasmus and de Montaigne in the 16th century as a cure to the wrongheaded modernity project between 17th and 20th century that was based on Descartes, Bacon, and Newton.

ISSJ, 44 4 Cool analysis of something I thought of primarily in its early twentieth-century configuration in art and literature.