Henry Dixon Cowell was an American composer, music theorist, pianist, teacher, publisher, Another novel method advanced by Cowell, in pieces such as Aeolian Harp (ca. ), was what he dubbed “string piano”—rather than using the. Print and download in PDF or MIDI Aeolian Harp. Henry Cowell’s Aeolian Harp ( ) was one of the first piano pieces ever to feature. Henry Cowell. Publisher: AMP. Aeolian Harp (). Publisher. Associated Music Publishers Inc. Category. Solo Keyboard(s). Year Composed.

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Aeoliaj also continued his experiments in aleatory music: There is no percussive aspect to the sound like that produced by a wind chime; rather crescendos and decrescendos of harmonic frequencies are played in rhythm to the aeokian. Aeolian harps are featured in at least two Romantic-era poems: Discussion of this nomination can be found on the talk page. In he recorded searching, vivid performances of twenty of his seminal piano pieces for a Folkways album. Views Read Edit View history.

Aeolian Harp – Henry Cowell

Cowell was granted a pardon in Besides being the only strung instrument played solely by the wind, the Aeolian harp is the only stringed instrument that plays solely harmonic frequencies. Maverick Conductor” essay by Carol J. British producer Bonobo samples an Aeolian harp on his album Black Sands.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Aeolian Harps. Henry Cowell’s music covers a wider range in both expression and technique than that of any other living composer. Piano Music in America Lord Rayleigh first solved the mystery of the aeolian harp in a paper published in the Philosophical Magazine in American Composers at the Piano.


aeoliwn Focusing on the variety of innovative rhythmic and harmonic concepts he used in his compositions and others that were still entirely speculativeit would have a powerful effect on the American musical avant-garde for decades after. Peer was forced to withdraw this arrangement from its catalog.

In these aeilian, the pianist is instructed to strum with the left hand directly on the strings of a grand piano, controlling the chords played by silently pressing down the necessary keys with the right hand. Sexy Trippy All Moods.

There the quote is datedbut no source is provided. Builders of pipe organs have included stops intended to imitate the sound and timbre of the Aeolian harp. The Piano Music of Henry Cowell. The piece does, in terms of structure, anticipate minimalist aeoliaj, and an interpretation by Steffen Schleiermacher from is simultaneously metronomic and jazzy in a way that reveals its kinship with the work of Steve Reichin particular.

Aeolian Harp, HC 370 (Cowell, Henry)

While jailed awaiting a court hearing, he wrote a full confession accompanied by a request for leniency on the basis that “he was not exclusively homosexual but was in fact in love with a woman he hoped to marry”. Cowell would ultimately spend four years in San Quentin State Prison.

Despite the pardon—which allowed him to work at the Office of War Information, creating radio programs for broadcast overseas—arrest, incarceration, and attendant notoriety had a devastating effect on Cowell.


Cowell biographer Michael Hicks describes the work as one of Cowell’s “most prescient” and “proto-minimalist” aeoian.

Aeolian Harp – Henry Cowell sheet music download free in PDF or MIDI

Named for Aeolusthe ancient Greek god of the wind, the traditional Aeolian harp is essentially a wooden box including a sounding boardwith strings stretched lengthwise across two bridges. He claimed that Aeolian Harp was the earliest of his piano string pieces and indicated at times that it pre-dated An Aeolian harp also aeolixn harp is a musical instrument that is played by the wind. Cowell wrote several original compositions for the instrument, including an orchestrated concerto, and Theremin built two more aeoluan.

He built on his substantial oeuvre of chamber music, with pieces such as the Adagio for Cello and Thunder Stick that explored unusual instrumentation and others that were even more progressive: Retrieved from ” https: These early experiences helped form his unusually eclectic musical outlook, exemplified by his famous statement “I want to live in the whole world of music.

Cowell’s garp had been taken up by composers and musicians around the country, although xowell few, including Ives, broke contact with him.