Reviews of Difficult Pleasures by Anjum Hasan, published in by Viking Anjum Hasan’s Difficult Pleasures is a collection of thirteen short stories, set in. Anjum Hasan’s Difficult Pleasures has been picked up by the excellent Brass Monkeys Books, an Australian-owned publishing house that has. ng to Anjum Hasan speak of her book, Difficult Pleasures, a collection of short stories published by Penguin. Anjum was in conversation with.

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Anjum Hasan is an Indian poet and novelist. Women’s Web is a vibrant community for Indian women, an authentic space for us Learn More. There are pleasures to be had, goals to be pursued and sought, but each movement carries its distinctive signature, and located even as they are within the frames of everyday existence, none defined by predictability.

Longer comment policy in our footer! When reading ‘Lunatic In My Head’ I found my thoughts and ideas reflected in her writing; probably, an assumption I safely made, the author and I trace our roots to the same city and are presently settled in the same city and I could actually sense, see and f I am disappointed; after an out-of-the-world-experience with ‘Lunatic In My Head’ by the same author my expectations were sky-high and they came tumbling down with ‘Difficult Pleasures’ as I flipped the last page and slammed this book shut.


Difficult Pleasures – Anjum Hasan

Cong protests slow rescue operation in Meghalaya coal m May 12, Shonazee Somani rated it really liked it. The Caravan You must read You are commenting using your WordPress. Content Marketing that Works. He is taken in by the expanding city horizon of which he gets just basan vignette, even though it had figured in his imagination much before he really came to it: An economist with an extremely busy itineray, Banerjee has no time to hssan.

Review: Difficult Pleasures by Anjum Hasan ยท

She succeeded in giving words to those feelings, emotions we often fail to understand, define and distinguish. Jun 24, Amritha rated it did not like it.

I agree with some reviews, the stories are very frustratingly incomplete. Aug 23, Ranjitha added it. From going through bad break ups to loosing someone dear to you. For Mrs Ali, unlike the fellow women artists assembled in a European capital whose fascination for performance overrides other priorities of life, the journey to another land is an event that comes to her, one she submits to now that she has committed herself to it.

I found this book a little less – okay a lot less – engaging than her Lunatic in My Head and even Neti, Neti. Uff, this woman can write.


Difficult Pleasures by Anjum Hasan

You are commenting using your Twitter account. These are stories you’d want to come back to on a rainy day and reread them again and again.

What I love and hate about these stories are the abrupt ends.

Sep 04, David rated it liked it. This was an unplanned purchase, bought it cause a line in the blurb caught my fancy, ” Why do they do it? Beautiful, short-lived, unfulfilled expressions of love, life, settlement and death. In essence, a wonderful read especially if you like Anjum Hasan’s style of writing that reveals layers each time you read.

Jun 13, Sushovan rated it really liked it. Read full review in India Today. Such simple but engaging prose.

Bibhash Choudhury

Neti Neti is an 18 year old in contemporary Bangalore and the angst of living away from family. Content Marketing That Works.

Anjum Hasan shows sheer mastery and certain brilliance in the way she weaves a plausible story around the ordinary. This is what makes this book so special.