Difference between Epigeal and Hypogeal Seed Germination. The term germination designates the overall processes beginning with the imbibition of water by. The main difference between epigeal and hypogeal germination is that in epigeal germination, the cotyledons emerge out of the soil during. Hope you already know that what is cotyledon and how seeds germinate. Epigeal; In this type of germination, the seed /cotyledons emerge out of the soil or .

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In castor, cotton, papay, onion Figs. The cotyledons in epigeal germination turn green and undergo photosynthesis while the cotyledons in hypogeal germination do not undergo photosynthesis.

This develops the ger,ination shoot even before the roots have come in contact with the soil. The cotyledons remain under the soil throughout Fig.

Epigeal germination

The plumule soon forms the aerial shoot. The radicle comes out and first penetrates the soil and forms root system by giving out secondary branches. It is possible that within the same genus one species shows hypogeal germination while another species shows epigeal germination. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Epigeal is also not the same as hypogeal germination; both epigeal and hypogeal plants will grow differently. Views Read Edit View history. The ecology of tropical forest tree seedlingspp. After emerging out of the soil, these cotyledons are called seed leaves, which become photosynthetic as well. The grain imbibes water from moist soil. In some other plants like bean, the cotyledons being thick, do not become leaf-like; they shrival and fall off after their food reserves are consumed by the seedling.


The radicle quickly forms new roots and establishes the seeding as a new plant Fig. Hypogeal germination is the other type of germination in which the cotyledons remain inside the soil. Normally, the cotyledon itself contains very little nutrients in plants that show this kind of germination.

Wheat grain shows hypogeal germination. In mangrove plants e. Prominent Cotyledons in Castor.

Retrieved from ” https: The evolutionary strategy is that the plant produces a relatively low number of seeds, but each seed has a bigger chance of surviving. This protects the plumule.

Difference Between Epigeal and Hypogeal Germination –

Epigeal germination occurs in beans and castor while hypogael hypogeal germination occurs in coconut, pea, and maize. Answer Now and help others.

The hypocotyl is long in plants that show epigeal-gemination while the hypocotyl is short in plants that show hypogeal germination. The three main types are: The cotyledons become green and leaf-like, while the plumule slowly develops into leafy shoot.

Differences between Epigeal and Hypogeal Germination | Plants

Here’s how it works: Because of this, they occur frequently in areas that experience regular flooding, for example at the river borders in the Amazon region. In areas that are regularly flooded, they need more time between floodings to develop. The embryo penetrating the seed coat is the conclusion of the germination process. Vivipary is the phenomenon of giving birth to young ones in advanced stage of development. The plumule grows upward and the first leaf comes out of the coleoptile.


Hypocotyl elongates and pushes the radicle out of the seed and the fruit.

Plants that show hypogeal germination grow relatively slowly, especially in the first phase. Differences between Epigeal and Hypogeal Germination Plants. Germiantion means the hypocotyl shows a greater elongation in epigeal germination while the hypocotyl is short in hypogeal germination.

During germination the lower end of the embryo forms the cotyledon which begins to grow as a spongy structure inside the endosperm. In this case the radicle as well as the base of the scutellum cotyledon grow out of the seed.

Differences between Epigeal and Hypogeal Germination | Plants

Some genera in which this happens are:. The opposite of epigeal is hypogeal anc germination. On the other hand, they are more resistant when a flooding takes place.