Shop Pegasus Spiele G – Episches Munchkin. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more. Episches Munchkin is a German-language set of 33 reference cards that contain the special Epic Munchkin rules for races and classes between levels 11 an. german epic munchkin cards. episches munchkin. german epic munchkin cards. Done. Comment. views. 0 faves. 0 comments. Taken on.

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Munchkin Deluxe (Card Game) – Boards & Dice Online | Raru

It’s a game full of silly names and silly items doing silly things that makes one of those game nights just a bit less serious. More Good Cards Munchkin 8: This board game is a lovely blend between a card game and an almost ladder-esc type of game in which players have the oppourtunity to lie, extort and help each episcges to victory, or to go for the solo win. Demented Dungeons Munchkin 7: L’Ascia o Raddoppia Munchkin 2: You and the other players compete to kill monsters and grab magic items.

My only gripe with this game is the very long rule book.


All players start at level one and the goal is to reach as first player level You go down in the dungeon, grab treasures and magic items and kill everything and everyone you meet. Flower Cashes In Munchkin Playmat: It takes about 30 minutes to go through the rules with new players and it’s a lot to take in.

Tutti i Mostri Fatti a Fette Munchkin 5: Reviewed by Johan C on Jul 05, Edit Cart Checkout Close. Clerical Errors Munchkin 4. There are 2 types of cards: Comedic dungeon crawler Reviewed by Johan C on Jul 05, You can start as a human male and end up as a half elf, wearing pantyhose of giant strength, swinging a rat on a stick and drinking a potions of halitosis.

Fuper fun and amazingly nostalgic Reviewed by Matthew S on Sep 14, This was the very first board game I ever received and it only spread my love for the genre even further!

Munchkin Fan Site | UltraBoardGames

Terrible Tombs Munchkin 6: It’s fun to play even when you get killed by a insurance salesman or Gazebo! An excellent game of strategy filled with a whole bunch of fun names and cute creatures. Munchkin the Guild by Steve Jackson Games. It’s a Dungeon Crawl!


Reviewed by Matthew S on Sep 14, Other players can choose to help fighting the monsters or backstab you by adding extra monsters. Clerical Errata Munchkin 3. Unnatural Axe Munchkin 3.

Munchkin Fan Site

Spyke Gets Suckered Munchkin Playmat: Munchkin is a satirical fast playing card game that captures the essence of the dungeon experience Official Web Page Created by: Each player starts at level 1 and the winner is the first player to reach level Home Games Munchkin Game Overview.

The only problem is that some rules you may need to google online for as their interactions may be confusing, but there is a really helpful online community.

Cheat With Both Hands Munchkin 7: The Need for Steed Munchkin 5, 6 e 7: When you are able to slaughter down the monster, you can draw a treasure card and acquire high levels.