Kameron Hurley’s God’s War arrives into this melee like a live grenade, lobbed with abandon and not a little mischief. It is a book in which the. God’s War: Bel Dame Apocrypha Volume 1 [Kameron Hurley] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Nyx had already been to hell. One prayer. I didn’t have to wait very long for the—as the guidelines for the That Was Awesome series phrase it—“small and/or crystallizing.

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Mostly, though, I just found the whole thing too violent, in the way contemporary TV shows intend to be violent–long, lov I have heard such good things about Kameron Hurley, and have long felt that I needed to check out her work. The main character of the novel, Nyx, is violent, hard drinking, and not above being on the wrong side of the law. Nyx, Rhys, Taite, Khos, Inaya–they are all horribly broken and horribly godsdar, and I can’t look away.

God’s War is a second world fantasy novel written in a technologically advanced society. He saw a heap of burning corpses in the distance. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

Not a godswa wasted. Already read the sequel, Infidelwhich was another great installment to the series. Nyx is never spared a bad gldswar because she is the heroine, and her story and the overall plot had a complete end. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. People replace organs regularly but no one has tried to grow antennae. I will also say that the subject matter of the story is very dark, and that the characters and dialogue fit the dark mo I went into this book with very, very high hopes – Kameron has gained a pretty great reputation as a “very dark” writer, and while I read this description as an urban fantasy, I still had pretty high expectations.

Most pertinently, Hurley indeed creates in her lead character a thoroughly unlikeable, but wholly independent, female Conan. Drunk, but no longer bleeding, she pushed into a smoking cantina just after dark and ordered a pinch of morphine and a whiskey chaser.


Elizabeth Kestrel Rogers By: This is not a full review as I read this books months ago, it is sort of a remembering. But on the home front, at least in the country where we spend the most time, women are soldiers and politicians and businesspeople and pretty much everything else.

Kameron Hurley’s God’s War arrives into this melee like a live grenade, lobbed with abandon and not a little mischief. We follow Nyx as she and her team are forced to hurleyy a missing individual, but along the way we find out a lot about their pasts, their secrets, their beliefs and their absurd world. I kept trying and trying and trying to find a reason to get invested in this beyond trying to figure out exactly how the insect-tech worked and utterly failed at every turn.

But I still don’t know what to make of her.

God’s War : Kameron Hurley :

Check Bitten by Books for a full review. Of course, religion plays a big part in here in both the shaping of civilization as well inner struggles from godsear characters. And what an awesome protagonist. Book ratings by Goodreads.

God’s War : Bel Dame Apocrypha Book 1

Nyx has done her requisite two years of military service men must dobeen blown up and remade multiple gofswar, joined the bel dames government assassinsbeen kicked out of the bel dames and jailed for selling contraband zygotes, and has finally settled in, godswae job-to-job as a freelance hired gun, paid to solve the most dangerous and likely illegal problems for her desperate yet often well-to-do customers, and making just enough money for rent and whisky.

Today Kameron lives a comparatively boring life sustained by Coke Zero, Chipotle, low-carb cooking, and lots of words.

Also, the two major nations of the planet have been at war forever, and partly as a result of this women have come to dominate society.

It combines fantasy and science fiction to create a strangely familiar alien world that feels perfectly, freakishly, possible. It’s when authors or godwsar decide they’re going to capitalize on a trend provide a strong female role model–and they do hhurley by casting a skinny white girl in a tank top, and telling her to look brooding.


At times the book lurches from unpleasant scene to unpleasant scene, painting a world so gruesomely unrelenting that one wonders how any of the characters, whatever faith they may have, can find it in themselves to carry on. It hurlet this last, and most mysterious, of Hurley’s creations which is most closely related to the McGuffin which drives the novel’s plot.

REVIEW: Apocalypse Nyx by Kameron Hurley

Fantastic concept, well-written, heckuva world built by Hurley here. In a violent and cruel world, filled with bug magic and technology, Nyx has an uphill battle in her hands while former allies and current enemies try to kill her in a game which Nyx is not aware she’s a pawn in. Facebook Google Twitter Print Email. However, as she goes about the mission, she finds a lot about how the world works, about the inner workings of the politics of her world, and about herself and her companions.

Anneke, a petite, drug-addled, alcoholic weapons expert and sniper; Hruley, a teenage com tech expert; Khos, a giant shapeshifting foreigner with a mysterious past; and Rhys, the requisite magician, a Chenjan deserter.

But she did get Jaks into bed, and — loser or not — in the desert after dark, that was something. I highly enjoyed the Bug-magic-craziness throughout though!

Cleanup nurley battle field. godswwar

REVIEW: Apocalypse Nyx by Kameron Hurley | Grimdark Magazine

Having now read her debut which is the first in a series and one that I want to continue with I can certainly say that Hurley does have a great way of coming up with original ideas hur,ey I had never seen done before. Ceridwen’s review cinched it. The most satisfying stories have echoed that philosophy, stretching genre conventions, drawing upon a wider range of cultural traditions and bridging genres.