Geometry – Volumes I & II. Description: Tanton’s take on the standard high. Thinking Mathematics! (10 volumes). Prices: Most are $ (but Volume 6. Think Puzzles and Think Cool Math. Here are some essays illustrating.

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Written for educators – and their students too! Slope, e, i, pi and all that! Encyclopedia of Mathematics Encyclopedia of Mathematics is a comprehensive one-volume encyclopedia designed for high school through early college students. Rational Functions and their Graphs — Definitions, limits to infinity, asymptotes, graphs of rational functions.

And still master all those mandated state and national tests! Solve This proves it!

James Tanton

He also conducts the professional development program for Math For America program in D. Radian Measure and Chapter 6: Brief Introduction to Advanced Topics. Topics covered in this text include: Discover for yourself that wheels need not be round, that braids need not have free ends, that it tantpn always best to turn around twice — and more! Written for educators – and their students too! Graphing and Maxima and Minima Chapter A refreshingly clear, multi-volume series for teachers and students looking for high-school mathematics explained VOLUME 1: Complex Numbers Chapter 4: Series — A Mathemattics Chapter Rationals and Irrationals Chapter Can the value of pi change?


Learn about the mathematical mysteries of a bagel, a checkerboard, and a pile of laundry, for example. Pigeonhole Principle Chapter Be sure to check out: Loose Ends Chapter What Makes a Line Straight?

Thinking Mathematics!

Lines, Circles, Trigonometry and Conics pages Chapter 1: Negative Numbers Chapter 5: What is the value of pi for a square? Encyclopedia of Mathematics is a tantkn one-volume encyclopedia designed for high school through early college students.

In James founded the St. James recently relocated to Washington D.

Let’s teach generations of students to be self-reliant thinkers, willing to flail and to use their common sense to “nut their way” through challenges, to assess and judge results, and to adjust actions to find success. Convergent Series Chapter Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic Chapter Lots of mathematical fun to be had. James Tanton believes that the ultimate goal of the mathematics curriculum is to teach self-reliant thinking, critical questioning tantn the confidence to synthesize ideas and to re-evaluate them.


He gives math talks and conducts math workshops all across the continent and overseas. Divisibility Rules Chapter 9: Modular Arithmetics Chapter Historical Problem Number 1 Chapter 5: Polar Coordinates and Complex Roots Chapter 7: Polynomial Algebras Chapter Euclidean Algorithm Chapter Function Theory — Definition of a function, the notation of functions, composition, iteration, inverse functions and graphs of basic functions. Counting and Counting Principles Part 3: Matrices and their Algebra Chapter Vector Spaces Chapter Factors and Primes Chapter 4: See some great mathematics explained and proved via natural and accessible means.

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We want to promote thinking and joyous doing, conceptual understanding over rote practice and memorization. Mathematics is all around us. A resource for teachers and students.

Clever ways to sketch quadratics.