Jim Gleason’s Guitar Encyclopedia is the world’s most complete set of study materials for the guitar. Use it to thoroughly learn scales, arpeggios and chord. Performer’s Guitar Method: Intermediate Rock Guitar Book 2 [Jim Gleason] on Jim Gleason does an excellent job with the entire RPM Series. What ever happened to Jim Gleason who had those RPM note for note tapes and his Rock Performers Guitar Method books? Those note for.

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If you are keen to learn, get to grips with something with the willing help of one of the net’s original musician forums or possess a genuine willingness to contribute knowledge – you’ve come to the right place! Results 1 to 8 of 8. Rock Performers Guitar Method. Rock Performers Guitar Method Does anyone remember these instructional booksand transcriptionsi saw Metal Methodis still around.

The Rock Performers Method was written by Jim Gleasonand they were allways advertised in Guitar for the Practicing Musiciansome of his stuff was Transcriptionsbut there were method bookstoo. I have the Chord Proggression Bookand it covers alot of rock and Jazz 7th chord voicings, and movement. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with these booksand if so how are the other ones? I can’t seem to find the book if there ever was one. I’ve got a bunch of those Note-for-note tapes.

I don’t remember there being a booklet either. I think Guitar for the practicing musician is called Guitar One now. Looks like it’s available here: When first learning these at a very young age, i was seriously intimidated because it is literally college level material, very detailed, extraordinarilly well put together.


Each book contains Lessons and practice exercises to help you not only learn, but put the material to use along with the Cd’s, as opposed to thousands of theory books that just throw the information at you yuitar offering a true understanding of where it all comes from. Since then, i have purchased hundreds of theory books, and nothing compares, honestly.

Furthermore, Geason was well prepared by the time I went to College, which as a result of utilizing the lessons, I had breezed through I could continue, as well as elaborate for hours about these books, though i hope what i have offered is enough, i am sure you get the idea. Anyway, i really didn’t want to go through all the trouble of signing up guitr to reply to this, but for years i had searched for a link to the Official Website, always coming up with nothing.

Guitar Improv and Comping – Jim Gleason – Google Books

I eventually stumbled upon it, and wish to share rpk anyone interested. So here it is: These books will give the perfect method how to make good music. I am in no way affiliated with the company, and only offer this information because I truly believe that anyone who wishes to excel very quickly, and may not be able to afford lesson after lesson, these will most definitely keep you busy for a long time, and teach you much more than you would in years worth of private lessons on the average.

In other words, no gain for me, all for the benefit of the dedicated artist. At first glance, the books are very intimidating. However, if followed vleason beginning to end, it will help you develop an excellent practice regime, time management, a solid foundation in theory, reading, technique, creativity, as well as a variety of styles.


These books are the most thorough I have ever seen in the 20 years I have been playing. But, don’t just take my word for it even though I have purchased thousands of theory and technique books, Cd’s, etc there may be better out there, just nothing I have personally reviewed. I purchased these books at the age of 17, and after completing them, I had attended college for Music, and it was like review. Therefore, receiving a 4.

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Also, his approach on teaching is better than any professor I had studied under. Honestly, I had professors coming to me, asking me if they could use some glexson the methods I had shown them, and I became the very first tutor for Music at my college. I just cannot say enough good about these books. It surprises me that they have received so little credit in comparison to most of the Methods out there that offer you a million scales, tons of information, but no explanation, or attempt to show one how to apply what they are learning.

Finally, as with anything, it takes blood, sweat, tears, and is up to you which will determine how quickly you excel.

The information is provided, all the tools you need, so, practice, practice, practice! All times are GMT. The time now is